Can there be anything but destruction when good and evil collide?





Welcome to Roleplay Heaven!!

Welcome to Role Play Heaven!

Here on this site, we are an Original Character roleplay site. Where seven amazing supernatural species that are just waiting to get discovered, and here with the site we offer everyone a chance to let their creativity and make their own Original Character role or take up one of the Pre-written roles and applications of the seven species are only one click away. Let your imagination become an adventure for all to share, create stories that will last a lifetime.

Our Admin/Mod Team

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Delani Rayne Mills - Head Admin || Therion Alphon Ilimir - Head Admin

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Melanie Aurora Draven
 - Senior Admin || Caitlin Hendricks - Junior Admin

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Andrew Miller - Head Mod || Delilah Sharp - Senior Mod

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Jacob Alistair Collins - Junior Mod


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    Wedding bells

    Hi y'all!There's wedding bells in the air"Delani, there is so much now I want to say to you that I am not even sure how to say it in these gentle breaths, but ever since the moment I laid eyes on…Continue

    Started by Delani Rayne Mills ~ Head Admin Aug 9.


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